Vegan Influencer Of The Month: Miss Justine!

Miss Justine & her baby boy Dexter 


Influencers are extremely important in today's social networks - they motivate, inspire and inform mass numbers of people everyday. Often times when first starting out on a new path, we can become overwhelmed and lost - this is where influencers step in as a guiding light. Due to their significance, particularly in the vegan community, we wanted to feature influencers with wide ranging interests. 

We reached out to Miss Justine to be our first feature, luckily for us she was totally stoked to participate! Justine is primarily focused on the fitness side of a vegan lifestyle. Through her expertise she has gained tens of thousands of loyal followers. What makes Justine an extra-awesome influencer is her attentiveness. She interacts with her followers directly, and is genuine in her intention to spread awareness. 

Check out our Q & A with Miss Justine!

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1. What is your name, company, brand? where are you located?

Justine Guajardo-Allen, Miss Justine, insta @miss_justine_tx, I am located in Georgia. Hometown is Dallas, TX.

2. What is your company/brand all about?

My instagram is all about Veganism, Fitness and Lifestyle.

3. Where did your influencer journey begin & why?

My influencer journey began in the early months of 2016, when I decided to train to compete in my first Bikini Bodybuilding Competition. I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life and fitness was an outlet to help deal with stress. I became Vegan almost a year ago for health reasons and afters learning about the travesty that animals endure and the hardships on our agriculture, I realized how much more important Veganism is.

4. What is your favorite thing about being an influencer?

The messages or comments that I get from people saying that I changed their lives, or I inspire them everyday in life or fitness.

5. What is your goal as an influencer?

To inspire people to make more health conscious and positive decisions in their lives.

6. How do people find out more about your company/brand?

You can find more information about me on my instagram @miss_justine_tx or on my website

7. When did you become vegan, and why?

I became Vegan almost a year ago. I became Vegan for health reasons and I wanted to see how I would feel. It was a complete 180. I felt more energized, clear-minded and overall happier. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

8. What are the most common misconceptions people have about plant based protein and gainz?

That I will have a protein deficiency and I will get super skinny and I won’t be able to gain any muscle. That has been completely false.

9. What is your favorite source of protein?

My main source of protein is Tofu or black beans and rice. I also love broccoli and soy curls.

10. What is your favorite pre-workout meal or snack?

Favorite pre-workout meal is PB sandwich or a homemade fruit smoothie.

11. What is your favorite post-workout meal or snack?

Favorite post-workout meal is Tofu stir-fry or Boca Chik’n patties. So yummy!

12. What is your all-time favorite workout/routine?

I just started doing Crossfit with my husband. It is such a challenge for me. I’ve never done it before and it is taxing but I am loving the results. It’s a great start to my day. My husband I get up every morning at 530am, get ready and drink a cup of coffee and talk before we workout at 630am.

13. What advice can you give people just starting out in their plant based fitness journey?

It will be hard but be consistent and don't give up. There are communities that are full of support online. Youtube is a great way to learn new recipes and Pinterest. If you have a significant other, often times, it will be much easier to make the transition together. If my husband wasn’t on board it would have been so much harder. We went cold turkey together. If you are doing it solo, reach out to people online for advice. Some people are very helpful and others not so much. Reach out to me. I am very responsive on Instagram and love interacting with my followers!

Be sure to follow Justine on Instagram @miss_justine_tx !

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