Vegan Influencer Of The Month: Brin Amberlee!

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Following up with our previous blog featuring Veggazon, is our spotlight on one of their  co-founders, Influencer - Brin Amberlee! Brin blew up on the Insta-scene as a tattoo model, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers. As many of us know from experience, going vegan is a lifestyle 180. Fortunately for us we have awesome Influencers, like Brin- to help those curious about becoming vegan, do just that! Not only does she reach thousands of people on her social media account, but she has several vegan businesses that target an 'easy-vegan' lifestyle transition. Veggazon is a door-to-door beauty & household product delivery service, & she also does pop-up vegan catering! 

Check out our Q & A with Brin Amberlee!

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What is your name, company, brand? where are you located?

Brin Amberlee and I’m my own brand! :) I currently reside in Las Vegas.

What is your company/brand all about?

So mainly I’m about promoting a positive, vegan lifestyle. I still model a bit too so I throw that in the mix ;)

When did you become vegan, and why?

I became vegan a year ago after seeing a video posted by my friend Lizzette. I didn’t know her at the time but I followed her and she inspired me so much.

Where did your influencer journey begin & why?

I have been an influencer for a while now since I’ve built my following. It started with tattoo pages constantly giving me shout outs and my followers began to skyrocket. 

What is your favorite thing about being an influencer?

I just love getting messages and comments from people saying I changed their life or helped them in any way.

What is your goal as an influencer?

My goal is to use my following to help all of my businesses grow and also to just help people in general with any questions they have about veganism, food or anything at all that I can help with! 

How do people find out more about your company/brand?

Follow me on instagram! @brinamberlee