Vegan Business Of The Month: Veggazon!

 Katrina & Brin of Veggazon

These two CEOs of Veggazon are trailblazing the way for an easy transition to veganism - one product at a time!

Let's be real, making the switch to veganism can be overwhelming, to say the least. Swaping out vegan food is becoming more and more easy, however as far as beauty & household products go there can be much research involved. Trying to figure out where products come from, and trusting that they are transparent on their labels is tough. BUT, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - with Veggazon! Phewww!

After speaking with Brin & Katrina about their awesome new company, we knew they would be perfect for this month's Vegan Business Feature! 

Check Out Our Q & A With Veggazon!


What is the name of your business? 
I’m actually in the works of starting a few businesses! It’s been insane but I know it will be rewarding. So currently i’m working on branding my food as a business (meal preps, catering, pop ups), a vegan subscription box that’s a gradual 6 month transition to veganism, I’m working on opening a storefront, hosting/ creating two Youtube series, and starting a non-profit. Holy crap typing all of that out seems insane HAHA!

When was your business founded and by who?
Our subscription box is the one I’m going to focus on for this interview. My best friend Katrina went vegan with me and she actually thought of the idea to start a company. We decided to start as a subscription box to help transition people, instead of the ones that are already made for vegans. Our goal is to help people make the change without it being difficult, slowly replacing animal products one month at a time. 

What is your company/brand all about?
We get asked all the time about veganism so we figured this would be the perfect solution to actually physically help people!

What makes your company unique?
We know there are a ton of subscription boxes out there, but ours focuses on non-vegans who want to change but don’t know where to start. Our boxes have all of the info and products to easily replace products people love and think they can’t live without.

What brought you to the vegan lifestyle?
I followed an animal activist, Lizzette, on Instagram who was super inspiring to me. It was almost like one random night I just instantly made the connection from watching one of her disruption videos. Like a light switch just went off.

What are your company’s goals?
We just want to help the world go vegan! That’s literally our one goal!

What does the future of your company look like?
We want to become a huge movement making it so easy to transition that everyone wants to use our boxes. We want to help people, the planet and duh, the animals! 

How do people find out more about your company?
Follow our instagrams!

Is there anything we haven’t touched on that you’d like to share about your company?
We are new, so right now it’s not officially launched. We are working on building a data base of emails to launch pre-orders. We hope to officially launch within the year!


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