Animal Sanctuary Spotlight: Kindred Spirits Sanctuary!

A few weeks ago we visited one or our favorite animal sanctuaries - Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, Florida! Hope you enjoy this short interview with KSS Executive Director, Logan, as she gives us a tour and some insight into the sanctuary world - and of course, introduces us to some of her cute animals! 

Check Out Our Q & A With Logan @ Kindred Spirits Sanctuary!

What is the name of your sanctuary, where are you located?
Kindred Spirits Sanctuary and we are located in Ocala FL.
When was the sanctuary founded, and by who? 
Kindred Spirits Sanctuary was founded in 2003 by a local family to provide a safe home for rescued farmed animals.
How did you end up running the sanctuary? 
I was a long time volunteer before taking over back in 2010. 
Why are sanctuaries important for people to know about?
I believe sanctuaries offer people the chance to get up close and personal with beings they never truly get the chance to understand. We help people build connections to animals who are otherwise considered “food” and plant seeds of compassion. 
How do you get funding for your sanctuary?
We are a 501c3 and totally funded by donations. 
Where do your animals come from?
We have animals here from all across the country. They come to us from abuse or neglect cases, factory farms, and through our work with other organizations like Farm Sanctuary, HSUS and PETA. 
What does your daily routine look like at the sanctuary? 
I like to get to work before the rest of the staff and enjoy some quiet time with the residents. We start feeding and cleaning at 8 a.m. and this usually takes until about noon. From noon to three we devote to veterinary care, so this could mean we are looking at blood work or fecal samples, doing health checks on a group or coming up with plans and treatments for the animals who currently have needs. After that it’s time for mowing or maintenance work and then home for dinner before coming back to put everyone to bed!
Are there any particular animals that have extraordinary backgrounds or stories to share?
Felicia was rescued in 2008 when the factory farm she was on flooded. She was one of a few pigs who were able to swim to freedom and was rescued by a national animal rescue organization. After a few years living up north, it was determined that she had arthritis and needed to make her way to a warmer climate. Luckily, like many people, Felicia loves spending her retirement in Florida! She loves to greet visitors and tour guests! 
What is your favorite thing about running a sanctuary? 
Caring for the animals, for sure! I have always loved being a caregiver and when I took the Sanctuary over I knew I would be pulled in other directions but I have always made seeing the animals and being with them a priority! 
What does the future of your sanctuary look like?
We are hoping to expand in our very near future and offer cabin rentals and more opportunities for people to come meet our animal residents!
How do people find out more about your sanctuary?

They can visit our site or look for us in social media Kindred Spirits Sanctuary on both Facebook and Instagram.